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  • Ongoing Access to International Speaker Presentations

  • Watch parties all over the world

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  • 'CA Mastery' 6 Module Virtual Training (valued at $199)

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You get The IN8 Summit 2021 Replays and Access to The IN8 Hub - an exclusive digital platform containing materials and resources to transform you and your practice. The IN8 Hub gives you access to seminar replays, CA training modules, Meditations, International Speaker content, Digital Marketing Promotions and more.


Use The IN8 Hub during training and meetings to inspire and educate your team!


  • Surviving Personally and Professionally During Covid-19

  • How To: Communicate Chiropractic with Certainty

  • How to: Inspire & Attract Clients who 'get' Chiropractic

  • Skills and Service Reboots to Implement on Monday

  • CA Break-Out training Exclusively Desgined for Your Team

  • Get back to the 'WHY' of what you do through Connection 

You can Serve Others at The Highest Standard When You Connect to the Science and Art of The Adjustment

Hear from our previous attendees...

  • Reignite your passion for the chiropractic profession you fell in love with 
  • Re-visit the core chiropractic principles and learn how to implement them in the modern world 
  • Discover what it means to be a vitalistic chiropractor right now 
  • Create a stronger foundation in your self belief to serve your community as a vitalistic chiropractor going forward

The IN8 Summit is an independent seminar designed by vitalistic ChiropracTOR's for ChiropracTOR’s, and their team.

  • Be a part of the change we all want to see and help keep Chiropractic around the world true to its essence 
  • Hang out with like minded people and rub shoulders with chiropractors who have been in practice for many years, new graduates and a bunch of thirsty students & chiropractic champions
  • Share in a high energy, experiential opportunity to get together with your peers and discuss the essence of why we do what we do, learn how to do it even better and stay connected 

An opportunity to come to the IN8 summit is a chance to be part of the Vitalistic Chiropractic vision as one” 

More than anything we invest in bringing you the most respected, accomplished & generous  group of Vitalistic Chiropractors in the world to speak on our stage, covering all of the major areas it takes to be a great Chiropractor:​

  • Philosophy: Embrace traditional chiropractic principles in a new age – science driven world 
  • Art: Become a masterful adjuster so that your body can enjoy and endure a long career and your adjustments can have the biggest impact possible
  • Science: Be reminded of the latest science behind the adjustment & how modern science is now backing up our philosophy 
  • Communication: Master the skills to communicate the true value of chiropractic to different demographics and teach your practice members to teach on your behalf
  • Practice Growth: Learn how to run a thriving business so that you can give to your community effortlessly and focus on whats really important



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